The OSDEF is a proud partner of the Olympia School District (OSD). As such, we encourage grant requests that are consistent with and supportive of the OSD’s vision of teaching and learning that helps students achieve success in a changing and diverse world. We envision grant projects that promote student growth and achievement, and that are mindful of the OSD’s Student Outcomes.

Grant requests are welcomed throughout the school year – until the funds are exhausted.

Please consult our Grants Guidelines and Grants Scoring Rubric before applying for one of our Teaching & Learning Grants.

Important updates regarding OSDEF Teaching & Learning Grants

  • All grants are now funded up to $1,500*.

  • Please use our new Grants Guidelines, Grant Request Form, and Post Grant Report documents.

  • All Grant Requests and Post Grant Reports must be submitted to

  • Two new grant categories: Mental Health Initiative Grant and Browsers Build a Library Grant. (See below for more information.)

    *Browsers Build a Library Grants are funded up to $250.

Steps to Completing a Grant Request

1. Read the Grants Guidelines and Grants Scoring Rubric.
2. Complete the Grant Request Form.
Download the form to your computer and enter the required information in the fields provided. When you have finished filling out the form please be sure to save a copy for yourself.
4. Submit the request form as an email attachment to
5. Complete a Post Grant Report and email to within 30 days after project completion.


Grants Timeline 2019-2020.png

Grant Categories 

Grant requests in all categories are eligible for funding of up to $1,500*.

Building Student Character Grant – The OSD wants students to understand the value of community service and of advocating for improvement by using natural resources in an efficient and sustainable way. To that end, this grant supports the development and implementation of programs that address civics, philanthropy and being good stewards of the earth.
Activities supported by the grant include: assemblies; workshops; athletics; nutrition; work parties; school beautification projects; and community service projects.

Closing the Opportunity Grant – Equity is at the heart of the Closing the Opportunity Grant, which supports programs and materials for students who need additional help in achieving academic success. This grant funds: before/after school learning and tutoring; science, math, and technology programs and equipment; and ongoing collaborative teaching situations that keep at-risk students engaged in learning. The grants may also support foreign language development and field trips.

Creativity and the Arts Grant – Exposure to the arts has a wide range of academic and social benefits. The Creativity and the Arts Grant is meant to enhance  students’ experience with performing (music, theater, dance) and visual arts (photography/videography, painting, drawing, sculpting, textile/fashion design, graphic design), as well as journalism. This grant supports contracts with a teaching artist to participate in the planning, design and arts education or arts-in-education project that meets the specific needs of the school. The grant may also support materials that enhance the artistic experience for students, such as books, sheet music and durable equipment.

Innovative Teaching and Learning Grant – Students who experience innovative teachers are often more engaged in the learning process; technology can play a key role in innovative teaching. The Innovative Teaching and Learning Grant encourages teachers to use “outside the box” approaches that are consistent with OSD Curriculum Guidelines. This grant may support collaborative situations in which teachers team up to: leverage efficiencies; create unique learning opportunities; or share resources and materials. The grant may also support increased interest in science, math and technology through the acquisition of related equipment and materials. Additionally, the grant may support the expansion of foreign language opportunities or student learning outside of the school (including field trips during or after school). The Innovative Teaching and Learning Grant may be used for only the first two years of a program.

Meet-a-Need Grant – The Meet-a-Need Grant provides incentive funding for OSD teachers, therapists, librarians, administrators, and other staff members as they develop activities to enhance education. This “catch-all” grant supports: special projects; and research or educational materials that enhance teaching and learning. The only preconceived criteria for this grant is that students directly benefit from the project or activity.

NEW: Mental Health Initiative Grant – The OSD’s goal for all students upon graduation is that they are kind and compassionate, and can advocate for the social, physical and mental wellness of themselves and others -- and be hopeful about the future. The Mental Health Initiative (MHI) Grant is part of the OSDEF’s larger effort to ensure that schools – and the community at large – have more tools and resources to navigate the increasing pressures of today’s complex world. The MHI grant funds materials and the development and implementation of programs that address mental and physical health and social and emotional learning/intelligence.

NEW: Browsers Build a Library Grant Sponsored by Browsers Bookshop, new (to the profession) OSD teachers are eligible for up to $250 to establish their classroom library. There is a limited number of grants and are funded on a first come, first served basis.

*Browsers Build a Library Grant is eligible for up to $250.

Questions about Teaching & Learning Grants?
Contact OSDEF Executive Director Katy Johansson at or 360-596-6110.