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Thank you for joining us on Thursday, September 26, for the Principal’s Emergency Fund Breakfast, the primary source of support for the Principal’s Emergency Fund (PEF).

The PEF allows every school in the district to quickly meet urgent basic needs of low-income students. Last school year alone, principals utilized more than $43,000 to: supply seasonally appropriate clothing, proper fitting shoes, eye glasses, groceries and bus passes; ensure heat and water were not shut off in students’ homes; provide emergency shelter for families facing dire circumstances; and pay rent to save families from eviction.

The power of the PEF to change students’ lives for the better is undeniable. Olympia High School Principal Matt Grant shared with us this winter what a difference it has made for one of his students, who is now a senior. Since her freshman year, the PEF has helped her family access everything from a modest but meaningful Thanksgiving meal, to supplies for sewing her own clothes, to bus passes that allow for reliable transportation. “This year, her stepfather has landed in jail and the family continues to have hardships. … The PEF has been a consistent help in a time of need for this family. It may be just enough to get her through the finish line and on to a post-secondary career.”

Principal Grant let us know that the student will, in fact, graduate with her class this year!

This is but one of the many stories that speaks to what a positive force the PEF has been -- and can be -- for our students.



Congressman Denny Heck, his wife, Paula, and other outstanding community members affiliated with OSDEF launched the Principal’s Emergency Fund (PEF) in 2008. Its aim is the same today as it was more than a decade ago: to fill an important resource gap for principals and educators looking to quickly meet low-income students’ urgent basic needs.

The Olympia School District Education Foundation holds an annual breakfast fundraiser in September at the Hotel RL in Olympia. Guests are treated to a delicious breakfast that features a keynote speaker and heart-warming stories from the very people who, through access to PEF, are helping transform the lives of their students.

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