Principals Emergency Checkbook Fund

The Principals Emergency Checkbook Fund provides each school in the district with a much-needed resource to address emergent needs that help students come to school ready to learn. Principals have latitude to use the money to provide basic necessities, such as clothing, food, school supplies, and medical care. Principals are encouraged to use the fund judiciously and refer students and parents to community agencies when appropriate.

Outdoor Education Program

In 2010, the Foundation assumed financial responsibility for the popular Outdoor Education Program, which provides fifth-graders with an overnight opportunity to learn about the natural environment, apply science principles, and build camaraderie with fellow students and educators. Due to budget constraints, the district eliminated the program in 2008.

Science & Math Learning Initiative

The new Science & Math Learning Initiative is an exciting Foundation investment in high school and middle school science and math. Program support was determined in consultation with teachers and will provide materials and activities to better prepare students for 21st century careers. In 2010, the Foundation awarded $29,400 to schools through the Science & Math Learning Initiative.