Principal’s Emergency Checkbook Fund

The Principal’s Emergency Checkbook Fund (PECF) was started in 2008 by Congressman Denny Heck, his wife, Paula, and other outstanding community members affiliated with the OSDEF. The PECF fills an important resource gap for principals and educators. Each school in the district is provided with funds to help quickly meet emergent basic needs for students, with a minimal amount of paperwork. The PECF resources remove common barriers for low-income students maximizing their potential. How can we expect students to be able to focus on learning when they are distracted by not having the basics covered? 27.5% of the student population in the Olympia School District is living in poverty and over 275 students are currently homeless. Teachers and principals are often the first to identify when a student has needs. Giving them a resource to quickly address those needs has proven invaluable. The funds have been used for clothing, hearing aids, housing, transportation, food, fees for school activities, school supplies, and much more. Something as simple as a new pair of shoes can boost confidence leading to higher grades and attendance or a pair of glasses for student, who can now succeed in the classroom and participate in athletic opportunities as a result. Great latitude is given to school principals, ensuring that they feel comfortable accessing these resources.

2017 PECF Breakfast

Over 300 members of the Olympia community joined us for the 2017 Principal’s Emergency Checkbook Fund Breakfast on September 28, 2017. We set the goal of raising $55,000 and are thrilled to report we exceeded that goal with a record-breaking $75,000 . This was the second year holding the event at Hotel RL by Red Lion in Olympia. We were honored to have Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, as our keynote speaker and Marshall Middle School principal and our incredible emcee, Condee Wood.  A new PECF video was introduced with the thanks of Capital High School students and staff. As is our tradition, school staff shared stories about how the PECF changed the lives of many students by assisting with basic essentials such as emergency rent, utility bills, food, clothing and so much more. Students from Olympia High School and Capital High School provided musical entertainment and event assistance. Our young adults are always excited for the opportunity to contribute to the community. Thank you to everyone that helped make the 2017 PECF Breakfast a huge success!

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2017 PECF Breakfast Video

The OSDEF thanks Capital High School students and staff for 2017 video