We have reopened grant applications for the remainder of this school year, including applications for programs/events this spring, summer and fall of 2017. Limited funds are available.

Grant requests will be evaluated based on commitment to the mission of the Olympia School District Education Foundation – to provide programs and services to students and partners with teachers to enhance educational success and promote learning for all students of the Olympia School District.

Foundation activities are consistent with, and supportive of, the Olympia School District vision for teaching and learning so that each student will achieve success in a changing and diverse world.

We envision grant projects that promote student growth and achievement.

Steps to Completing a Grant Application

1. Learn about the types of grants awarded by the OSDEF
2. Complete the Microsoft Word application.
OSDEF Grant Application(doc)
Download the form to your computer and enter the required information in the fields provided. When you have finished filling out the form please be sure to save a copy for yourself.
3. Submit the application as an email attachment or print out and mail to our offices.
4. Complete a Post-Grant Report and email or mail to our offices.
OSDEF Post Grant Report (doc)


Olympia School District Education Foundation
Attn: Beverley Sperry
1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Grant Criteria

All grants are awarded on a yearly basis. Subsequent requests require documented results on a Post Grant Report and the submission of a new Grant Request.

Innovative Teaching & Learning Grant – $1,500

The Innovative Teaching & Learning Grant is a broad based grant available for only the first two years of a program is designed to encourage teachers to try innovative “outside the box” teaching ideas that are consistent with OSD Curriculum Guidelines. Grants may be used to support collaborative teaching situations in which teachers are teaming to leverage efficiencies, create unique learning opportunities, or share resources and materials. Grants may also be used to support increased interest in science, math, and technology through the acquisition of related equipment and materials. Grants may be used to expand foreign language opportunities. Additionally, grants may be used to support student learning outside of the school day or to help fund field trips during or after the school day.

Closing the Opportunity Gap Grant – $1,000

The Closing the Opportunity Gap Grant works to support students who need additional help in achieving academic success. Grants may be used for before/after school learning and tutoring; science, math, and technology programs and equipment; and ongoing collaborative teaching situations that keep at risk students engaged in learning. Grants may also be used to support foreign language development. Additionally, grants may be used to help fund field trips.

Creativity and the Arts Grant – $1,000

The Creativity and the Arts Grant is designed to support the arts, photography, drama, journalism and music education in the classroom. The Olympia School District Education Foundation recognizes that the arts enhance learning and help keep students engaged in school. This grant can be used to contract with a teaching artist to participate in the planning, design, and instruction of an arts education or arts-in-education project that meets the specific needs of the school. Funds can also be used to purchase materials that enhance the artistic experience for students such as books, sheet music and durable equipment. 

Building Character in the Classroom Grant – $500

The Building Character in the Classroom Grant aids educators in developing and supplying students with programs that address civics, philanthropy, bullying, kindness or being good stewards of the earth. The programs must benefit the students directly. Grants may be used to help fund activities such as assemblies, workshops, work parties, school beautification projects or community service projects that students are directly involved in. 

Meet-a-Need Grant – $500

The Olympia School District Education Foundation, through its mini-grant program, provides incentive funding for OSD teachers, therapists, librarians, administrators, or other staff members as they develop activities to enhance education. This program will provide funds for special projects, research, or educational materials that will enhance the teaching, learning, and enjoyment of OSD students. There is no preconceived criterion for projects except that students directly benefit from the project.